Arielle LaBrecque

Hi, all. My name is Arielle.

I cover women’s issues and culture for Cracked & Golden.

I’ll show you what’s impacting women today, professionally, politically and personally. Perhaps you’re wondering what women across the United States—and the globe—face as the pandemic has ravaged already frail systems, ones that wedge women and families further into already difficult spaces.

In telling these stories, I hope to make it better, for women, for all of us. How can we help women locked at home with abusive partners during stay-at-home orders? And, what about the future of women’s labor? How can women flex financially over the next few years when home workouts feel like climbing a mountain?

By trade, I’m a writer, editor and product manager working in #govtech. We strive to make the government better with the tools we have. I also am an avid reader, mostly of the darker vein (Stephen King, anyone?) and the mother of Earl and Pinoe, two adorable kitties.

I’m here because I believe we need to tell women’s stories—to shape them, know them and preserve them. I invite you to join a new kind of storytelling.

Send me a note (or cat photos).