We know the headlines are depressing. And dizzying. Here's how to take action in small, meaningful ways. Here's how to help change the world.

Register to Vote

Half of Americans don’t vote. Let’s change that. Every vote counts.

  • Click below to visit a website that helps you register to vote.
  • Then, enter your zip code to determine if you can register online in your state or territory.
  • Follow the prompts to either register online, or find your in-person registration site.
  • Already a registered voter but don’t know when your local elections are held? Use the same link, and explore the options for  “Already Registered?” to find local polling places, upcoming elections, voter ID requirements, and your local election process.

How you can help: Register to vote and make your voice known; determine when your state is holding upcoming elections, research the candidates in your state, city, town.
Register to Vote

Help Fight Hunger

Advocate. Give. Volunteer. Start a fundraiser.

With more than 41 million people out of work, food banks continue to face huge shortages across the United States. Building closures and a loss of elderly volunteers from the coronavirus have made it worse.

  • Click below to visit a website that lists food banks in your neighborhood.
  •  Then, type in your zip code.
  • Click the link to your local food bank.
  • Your local food bank will have links showing you how to donate food or money, as well as how to organize a food drive.
  • The websites will also show you how to get food if you, or someone you know, needs help.

How you can help: Every $1 donation can provide up to 10 meals for someone in need.
Visit Feeding America