Rachel Barth

Hi all. My name is Rachel. I design for Cracked & Golden and also sometimes write.

I started my career as a reporter and quickly fell in love with design — not just how things look, but how we tell stories. I’ve spent most of my career figuring out how to tell stories that will engage people on an emotional level. I want people to experience information so it will leave a lasting impression on them, like the way I can feel my son’s hand in mine even after he’s let go.

I’m a mother, wife, friend, daughter, employee, coworker, teacher, artist, cook, mentor and student. I love to watch 80s movies with my children, bike with my husband and read mysteries in the hammock.

I’m also a human trying to make sure my life leaves the same lasting impression my design does.

I’m here because I believe in us. I believe that as a community, we can move forward stronger with empathy, kindness and awareness. It all starts with you and I here, together, learning about each other.

Send me a note. I promise I’ll respond.