We want to save the world. We want to repair the cracks laid bare by Coronavirus and racism and climate change and so many other issues facing us in this moment.

We want to fix them. With gold.

Like the Japanese art of kintsugi, we want to put our world back together not to forget our brokenness but to make it more beautiful than before.

Cracked. And Golden.

We’re starting with ourselves. We’re looking to our own neighborhoods and communities, to our states and our nation in a way that allows us to live healthy, fulfilled, informed lives. To help others do the same. To help you do the same.

We won’t just give you the dizzying array of depressing (though necessary) headlines. We’ll show you how to take action in simple, meaningful ways: how to organize and what to look at when voting and how to lift others. We’ll show you how to repair the cracks in healthcare, in race, in justice, in the environment. In race, gender, socioeconomic and age disparities. In ourselves.

Through each and every blog, podcast, story, book and essay, we will show you ways to save the world.

Come with us.