Evamarie Socha

Hi all. My name is Evamarie.


I cover mid and end-of-life issues for Cracked & Golden so you can find some peace in this stage of the game.


As a middle-aged woman myself, I am learning priorities and responsibilities shift. But also, I am finding this is not your parents’ midlife. Trends show we have a lot of life left after 50—it’s the new 20, right? For example, gray divorce, those couples past age 50 who split, has doubled since 1990, according to Psychology Today; the average lifespan in the United States has increased to 78.6. And that’s just for starters.


But you do need to plan for every stage in your life, to make sure others honor your wishes.   .


Really, do you want to end up in a coffee can on a shelf in the garage, next to the spare motor oil? I fear this is what my brother will do if I do not get my advanced directives done.


I’ll show you how to look at this stage of life from a different perspective—one that enhances your world, rather than filling you with sadness and dread. That doesn’t mean we won’t talk about sadness and dread. Oh, I can do sadness and dread. Who can’t? But let’s talk tools for moving through it. I will offer options to give you some peace, at least, and some confidence, at best. 


About me: I became a public relations professional after more than 30 years as a journalist. My career includes everything from editorial assistant to managing editor and was spent mostly in defense journalism. I’ve written for Space News, Army Times, USA TODAY, Washington Technology magazine and a community newspaper in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, called The Daily Item.


I am originally from Shamokin, Pennsylvania, in the heart of Anthracite coal country. I have lived most of my adult life in Northern Virginia, currently in Arlington. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, and a master’s degree in journalism and public affairs from American University in Washington.


When I am not trying to save the world, I love to cook, read and spend time with my friends and family. I belong to a progressive, independent Catholic church that helped renew my faith, and I try to see the good in people – mostly. I think.